I help individuals to live inspired & fulfilled lives so they can enjoy personal freedom, abundant health, loving relationships and financial abundance.

Do you know that there’s a way to engineer your ideal life, discover your passions, achieve financial freedom, attract the passionate and loving relationship you’ve always wanted, plug into your personal power and revitalize your health? I did it and you can too!

Dr. Aixa Goodrich created Manifest Your Epic Life to ignite significant change and life transformation to her clients by offering online coaching, personal one-to-one coaching, and live events.




If you are looking for an event where you can learn how to manifest your best year yet, then our upcoming event is for you! Join Dr. Aixa Goodrich for an empowering day of learning who you are and how to believe in yourself, align your thoughts, actions, and energy with what you truly desire to have in your life.

The Empowered YOu

Your future doesn’t have to equal your past – this can be the beginning of a lifetime of PERSONAL FREEDOM for you!

This 7 day online program was designed to get you in touch with your inner self, while showing you how to...

  • Deal with your past - handle the present - invent a better future!

  • Gain the resources needed to overcome negatives and hurts from the past!

  • Resolve the “stories and reasons” that block happiness!

  • Create abundant health, wonderful relationships, a thriving business and financial freedom!


Personal one-to-one coaching

Private one-to-one coaching is personalized to your unique situation and needs.

The comforting feelings, new beliefs, greater understandings and massive actions acquired with Dr. Aixa Goodrich's one-to-one coaching will empower you to gain courage, make instant decisions and fulfill more of your dreams – and do it all without guilt, worry, blame, anger or even FEAR!

Never again will another person or past event rule over who you are and what you can or cannot do. You will find that personal one-to-one coaching with Dr. Goodrich will not be about her teaching you anything, or you learning something didactic.

With personalized one-to-one coaching with Dr. Goodrich, you will gain insight and implement the insight gained to move you along on a journey toward happiness, personal security, a stronger and healthier self-image and inner peace.

Personal coaching isn't a pep rally meant to artificially build you up temporarily and make you feel better so you feel you got your money’s worth.

Instead, it is about making the discoveries, distinctions and acknowledgements that will allow you to change course at any time of your life – allowing you reach higher and achieve your heart’s desire.

  • Create a future that works for you

  • Change your inner dialogue

  • Reprogram outdated beliefs

  • Learn to forgive yourself and others

  • Improve your self-talk

  • Develop a prosperity consciousness

  • Eliminate mind clutter

  • Say goodbye to procrastination