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I have created a 7 day online program to help you cut through the confusion and the overwhelming feelings surrounding your life, health and abundance. It’s finally time to start making the small, yet meaningful lifestyle changes that are going to get you the results you’ve been looking for.  

You may think that achieving your goals is not possible or that it will be too hard or that it’s too late to make a real difference. You might just feel overwhelmed by all the hype and confused by all the conflicting “self help” messages we all receive. Maybe you're afraid you won’t be successful.   

Let go of all negative self-talk, NOW. You can and will do this. All you need is the appropriate steps to follow.   

In this program you will: 

Discover what you want out of life and how to achieve it

Set attainable goals

Learn to live a healthy lifestyle

Learn how to fuel your body

Discover how to strengthen your body and keep yourself feeling young

Learn techniques to supercharge your energy

Build a Tribe of like minded people

Ultimately Manifest Your Epic Life


Guide to setting goals

Weekly meal plans

Weekly exercise routine

Gratitude challenge

Guided Meditation

How to build your tribe

Learn how to navigate the supermarket

Shopping list


What are you waiting for? Your time is NOW! 

7 Day Mind, Body & Spirit Enriching Program

197.00 497.00

7- Day of action-focused “step-by-step” training modules

  • Discover and live your purpose

  • Understanding of how to fight and not feed disease with weekly meal plans including recipes and shopping lists

  • Fitness for life with weekly exercise routines

  • Mindset for success with guided meditation and affirmations

  • Stress management tips, tools and exercises

  • Become a magnet with an attitude of gratitude

  • Attracting your tribe of influence

PLUS! Extra Bonus Gifts & Materials

  • Bottle of water

  • Exercise bands

  • Journal

  • Weekly motivation tips and tools

  • Guided meditation

  • Private Member’s only Facebook Group