7 Tips to Survive Holiday Break-Ups


It happens.  While we focus on attracting the right people into your lives, sometimes we end up with real shitty people in our world.  

When you’re in love, a break-up at any time can be heart breaking but a break up during the holidays can leave a permanent scar in your heart and your life in limbo.  You may blame yourself but I urge you not to.  There are 3 sides to every situation and sometimes you have to go through some dark times to appreciate the beauty and gifts that life has in store for you.  

Have you ever been in a relationship for wayyyyy too long?  We all have.  You know you have to cut it off but there’s never a right time or they break up with you and your ego takes a hit. Suddenly one day when you’re over it, you look back and think to yourself in disgust, “WTF was I thinking?”.  

If you need to cut things off with someone, do it.  Don’t let it fester and ruin your holidays.  If someone breaks up with you right before or during the holidays, thank them.  Yes, thank them.  That is a clear indication that they don’t value you or what you bring to the table.  It’s also better now than later.  People that don’t see you in their future plans tend to use this opportunity to sever ties.  Trust that the universe has a bigger and better plan for you.

Here’s what to do if you’re relationship end, whether it’s your choice or not:

  1. Keep plans to see friends and family.  While it’s natural to want to retreat and avoid everyone, it can be more heartbreaking to be all alone.  Process your emotions and vent with a dear friend or loved one.  I guarantee you have plenty of people on your team.

  2. Create space between families especially when it’s been a long term relationship. 

  3. Handle nosy, inappropriate people with “we broke up, what’s up with you”, “it didn’t work out, what’s up with you” or straight up “I don’t want to talk about it”. No explanation necessary. 

  4. Volunteer at the local orphanage or soup kitchen or church.  You may find a “friend”.

  5. Pamper yourself.  Get a massage, facial, take a trip with friends, buy the LV. You only live once.  Splurge and love yourself.

  6. Exercise.  Why?  Because you can.  It decreases stress, burns calories, releases feel good hormones and a revenge body is the best pay back…j/k!?!?

  7. Get help.  A life coach can get your head straight and emotions aligned.  

You can redirect your life in just 7 days.  If you need additional support and guidance, let’s schedule a complimentary manifestation session so you can start manifesting your epic life.

Dr. Aixa