Attitude of Gratitude


When was the last time that you took a moment out of your crazy, busy schedule to reflect and be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life? We get so caught up in our daily routines that we forget to give thanks for all of our blessings.


It has been said that by having an attitude of gratitude, you actually attract more abundance into your life.

Simply take a look around.  Admire your surroundings and take in all the abundance that surrounds you…the trees, the birds, the breeze, the vast ocean, your ability to see all of it.

Take a few moments every evening and list at least five things that you are grateful for that day.  Is it your health, your family, the food on your table,  a roof over your head, a hot cup of coffee?  Even in the midst of chaos, you will always find beauty and hope.  Admire it and be grateful that you are able to experience it with all your senses.

Without gratitude, happiness and fulfillment are rare.  With gratitude, happiness, health and success are your reward.


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