Feeling Unfulfilled

So often I meet people who are highly successful yet they are living a life of quiet desperation.  From the outside, it appears that they have it all…love, career, house, cars, glitz and glamour but they still feel like there’s more to life than all that.


We work so hard to achieve material crap and accolades but we often forget to truly connect with ourselves and those that we love.  

A seemingly wealthy and highly regarded man on his death bed, felt that he had failed in his life despite all of his accomplishments.  He had buildings named after him, created thousands of jobs yet felt unaccomplished and regretted the life he had lived.  When asked why, he simply stated that he lacked meaningful personal relationships.  He was not close to his wife, children, friends and other family members.  He was afraid to let anyone in.  

We fear that others will find our weak spot and we’re afraid to get hurt and as a result we live a life of emptiness.  

What will fulfill you?  You have to stop chasing stuff.  If you don’t, you will feel like shit for the rest of your life. Material stuff is nice but it won’t buy you happiness, true love or personal fulfillment.  If you’re constantly looking for “more”, your life will be hell no matter what you achieve. 

My advice is to look inside.  Ask yourself what is fulfillment to you.  Accept and appreciate where you are and what you have at the moment.  Gratitude is a magnet for greater happiness. 

Look around.  There’s so much turmoil in the world.  Stop focusing on you and be of service to others.  What can you do today to make someone else’s life better?  Who should you reach out to today to let them know you love and appreciate them?  

I’m a true believer that you can and should have everything you want in life but if you’re still unhappy and unfulfilled, you’re chasing the wrong stuff. 

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