Healing the body from within


Dr. Aixa is joined by Brendan Gaughran, founder of the Liver Medic. Brendan holds a degree in Molecular Biology and has spent 15 years in the Healthcare field. He conducts health lectures to both physicians and the public. His research focuses primarily on gut health, liver health, endocrine system, adrenal fatigue and optimum diets.

During this amazing interview you will learn what drives our inability to sleep and what causes stress from a nutritional perspective. As well as what are the greatest sources of toxins that eventually make it into our body and the common mistakes doctors make in diagnosing disease that can be easily avoided.

Many common health problems are easily avoided with natural liver supplements. Detoxifying and regenerating damaged liver tissue leads many away from more dangerous medical alternatives.

Learn more about the Liver Medic.

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Dr. Aixa Goodrich