Welcome to the world of Emotional Constipation


Dr. Aixa Goodrich is once again joined by Dr. Wendy Guess to continue the talk on emotional constipation.

Ever had that feeling in your gut - that something's just not right? Or you just have that gut feeling about a person? Or you think you don't like someone else's guts?

Maybe you grew up hearing things like this: "suck it up" and stop being so emotional, "crying is for babies" "stop crying and grow up" "be a man" "get over it - let it roll off your shoulder", if you keep pouting your face will get stuck that way….

What's the connection? Emotions, Stress and Digestion are inter-related!

If we eat unhealthy, toxic foods, eventually we may end up with diarrhea or constipation.  Without proper digestion of food, we become constipated.  How does it feel?  Stuck! Labels are similar – they create toxic emotions that get “stuck” in our body/mind/soul. Without proper digestion of these emotions, we become emotionally constipated.

What are the steps to resolve?

  • Ex-Lax for your Emotions: Oddly, movement is the first and most important step!!! Physical activity gets the stress levels down and encourages the lymphatic system and colon to function!  By getting the “crap” out of your system then the emotions have room to start moving in a healthy direction.
  • Digestion starts in your Mouth - Write down thoughts before ever speaking them to another person – this allows some emotional distance between you and your thoughts, and prevents you from saying something you will regret
  • Let it Flow - Then practice saying what bothers you until you are no longer “bothered” by it. What is the real truth?
  • Forgive your Butts– it’s important others for perceived wrongdoing, BUT its critical to forgive yourself for allowing others to continue to have power over you!

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