5 Ways to Up Level Your Small Business


Owning a business can fun and exciting but can also cause enormous amounts of stress.  You want your business to succeed so clearly you have to work hard and navigate challenges along the way.  If you want to see you business grow and thrive as well as give you a handsome profit then you need to level up.

How do you take your small business and double, triple and even quadruple it?  Here are 5 ways in which you can level up your business:

  1. Know what make you different. You may have heard it called USP or unique selling point.  What would make me want to use you or your services?  For example, when I treat a client/patient I am looking at the physiology of the body, the mindset of the patient and their spirituality.  If I’m working with a weight loss client, I’m not just putting them on a diet (anybody can do that), I’m looking at toxins in the body that may be causing inflammation or insulin resistance, are there any emotional attachments to food, and how staying stuck in that sick place helps or hurts them.  When I’m coaching a business client that is struggling in business or wants to take their business to the next level, I want them to be physically healthy, I want to know about the relationship with their spouse and kids, etc.  We are complex being and everything plays into everything else. 

  2. Focus on customer service.  You could be the smartest cookie in town, if your customer service sucks or your team is rude, you are not getting my business.  It’s as crucial to use technology to track progress and connect with clients and potential clients.  Being on social media platforms and keeping it professional is key.  Responding to good and bad review is also important.  You must stay engaged with your clients, make your systems efficient and streamlined and be impeccable with your service.

  3. Build a solid team.  Often times, your team members are the first point of contact with your potential clients.  Make sure they know your products and services, and use those products and services as well.  You need to be congruent and so does your team.

  4. Delegate!  When you’re starting out, you may be wearing all the hats in the business.  As your brand/business grows and you have a solid team in place (even if it’s just one person), start delegating.  Focus on the things that drive customers and sales.

  5. Walk the talk.  If you’re a health coach, make sure you’re not smoking cigarettes in the back alley.  If you’re a family law/probate attorney, make sure you have a living will and have done your estate planning.  

It’s tough to be a business owner but it can be very fruitful as well. Create a plan and stick to it. Know your USP, focus on customer service, build a solid team, delegate and be congruent.

Dr. Aixa