Applying Success Principles for Mind, Body, Soul Success


Functional Medicine is about getting to the root cause of someones pain, symptom or health challenge.  Often times, patients come in as a last resort to their chronic health issue that no one has been able to attack and resolve.  In my experience, there often is a past trauma or limiting belief from MFTP (mothers, fathers, teachers and preachers) when dealing with chronic issues.  This type of care is more patient focused, which includes mindset and negative beliefs, instead of strictly symptom focused.  

As I began applying the principles, that I teach to my coaching clients and retreat attendees, to my personal and professional life, I realized that I could use some of the techniques and exercises with my patients in an effort to get them to have better results in a shorter period of time thereby lessening their suffering and easing financial burden of rising healthcare costs.

As with any treatment, I first want to determine and understand what are their goals.  Why are they truly in my office for?  Having them do an “I want” list is quite helpful.  I want to know all their wants.  Not only pertaining to health related wants, but overall wants as I believe that health is a mind, body and spirit phenomena.  This gives me insight to their personal and professional life as well as insight on what may be some of the triggers that affects his/her health.  

Next, I have them work through an accountability worksheet…”If I were to take 5% more responsibility for my life, health, wellbeing, etc…”.  I love this exercise because they come up with their own answers instead of the traditional way of the doctor telling the patient what to do.  I have had very good feedback from my patients because they have an “aha” moment almost immediately and they don’t feel overwhelmed.  In my opinion, this give the patient the opportunity to make decisions and feel empowered (and they do).  

Once they come up with their own answers to taking more responsibility, we move into the formulating a plan and strategy that they can take action on immediately.  What actions will you take?  By when?  Why? What are the benefits and consequences of not achieving this gaol or goals? So now there’s a partnership with me instead of a traditional doctor/patient dictatorial relationship. 

The best doctor lives inside of you so that’s why my belief is that the client/patient should be an active participator.  I become their accountability partner and because they don’t want to let me down, they stick to the plan and do the work.  

My mission to improve lives whether it’s with my patients or coaching clients.  Where in your life do you need help?  We all struggle with something from time to time.  If it’s not your health, what is it?  I’d love to help you reach your personal and professional goals.  Visit and see which of my signature programs is right for you… online coaching, personal 1-2-1 coaching or perhaps attending Awaken The Goddess Within Retreat.

With love & gratitude,

Dr. Aixa