Fuel For Health

Eat clean, Paleo, carb loading…what??? You’ve probably heard these terms at some point in your life.  Everyone has a magic strategy that is going to get you in peak shape, ripped with a 6 pack.  Worse yet you’ve probably heard  "I’m sugar free, carb free, fat free or low fat”, all which equates to a chemical crap storm!
Most of what I hear from my patients during a consult is “I just don’t really know what to do, where to start and how to sustain”.  With all the trends in today’s world, all claiming to be your end all be all, it’s no wonder we have yoyo dieters.  You lose 10 and gain 20!
The truth is we need protein, carbs and fats in the right amounts and of the right quality.  We run to chicken, beef, fish and pork for protein but did you know that legumes and veggies also have protein?  Fats don’t necessarily need to come from fries and milkshakes albeit yummy.  Healthy fats come from coconut, olive, flax and other oils.  They also come from nuts and seeds. Carbs aren’t bad either, your body needs it for energy.  I’m not talking about pizza and pastelitos instead go for sweet potatoes, quinoa, wild rice, brown rice, fruits and veggies.
Fueling your body for energy and weight loss are not as difficult as most think.  The challenge is that we are accustomed to magic pills, potions and lotions as well as fad diets to give us the results we want yesterday, in the mail and for free.
First you need to learn where to shop, how to shop and what to avoid.
Secondly you need to take full responsibility and plan and prep.
So where do you shop?  Most major supermarkets now have a healthy organic section.  Of course, there are places that cater to this like Whole Foods, Fresh Market and Trader Joe’s.
I personally like to eat most of my food organic and fresh, especially my fruits and veggies.  I buy my beef grass fed and as hormone free as possible.  My eggs are organic and my fish is wild caught.  Now I’m fortunate enough to live in Florida where I get to spear fish and eat my fresh catch.  I’m not a big fan of chicken or turkey(except Thanksgiving), but if you are, get it as natural and hormone free as possible.  I don’t eat much dairy, instead I go for almond or coconut milk, almond yogurt and ice cream that is coconut or almond based..delicious!
Avoid the isles as much as possible.  Everything is processed.
Do you want to make a lasting change in your diet, lose weight, feel energized  and avoid or eliminate lifestyle diseases?   I’d be happy to coach you on making a lasting lifestyle change.