Rolling with the punches

Rolling with the punches instead of punching… As Zen as we may try to be, there will be times where situations,

events or people will really test you.

What do you do in these instances? Some of us get angry, some

yell, some cry, some just want to get away from it all.

What we need to realize is that is a momentary situation. What is

going on at that particular moment is simply an event in time and

does not translate into all eternity nor should you let it control your

state of being. So your car broke down…ok great! What are you

going to do next? Getting angry or upset isn’t going to make the car

start. Call your mechanic. You spilled your coffee….ok so it is. What

are you going to do next? Pour yourself another cup and clean up

the mess. Getting upset isn’t going to clean up the mess for you.

Accept what is, adjust your game plan and move forward!