Clean Your Glasses

When we are born, we have no prejudices.  As we grow up, different people come into our lives and start having an impact on the way we think, feel and respond to life.  Overtime, the filter or lens through which we see and experience life begins to change.

Many of the individuals that come into our life are well intentioned and want to leave a positive mark on our lives.  You see (no pun intended), we are programmed from birth, through our formative years and into adulthood by our mothers, fathers, teachers and preacher…aka MFTP.  They have filters that were programmed into them by their MFTPs and so on.  This is what is projected onto you.

Our life experiences, good or bad, add filters or smudge marks to our glasses.  You can see life through a beautiful lens or your glasses can be so dirty from finger marks and scratches…aka negativity… that you can barely see your true essence if it were standing right before you in living color.  

What I’m saying is that it’s time to remove the filters which cause you stress and lack of harmony.  Perhaps your expectations of the way things should be is what’s causing turmoil in your life.  It’s time to delete old programs and add new inspiring ones into your subconscious mind.

Remove the filters of expectation and add filters of love and compassion.  

When you treat every event in your life with love and compassion, life begins to flow.  You attract more happiness and abundance into your world and into the lives of those around you.