Clearing Negative Vibes


We are energetic beings and we’re are constantly attracting and repelling into our lives.  When you’re vibrating on a higher frequency, you’ll attract love, health, abundance and good juju.  When you’re in a funk, vibrating low, everything goes to hell in a hand basket.  You feel, drained, uninspired, bored, lost and without guidance.

At times, it can be that we are so stuck in our self limiting beliefs and bullshit stories that we begin to vibrate so low that we begin to attract negative energies.  

I have several practices to clear away negative energy and bad juju.  I want to share with you my first go to practice.  Essential oils!  Essential oils are extracted from plants.  Plants have been used for centuries for cleansing, healing and spiritual connection.  Sage is a great example of that.  However, not everyone can tolerate the potent smoke from sage or palo santo.  

My 3 favorite essential oils to dispel negative energies are:

  1. Frankincense is known for purification and interestingly has been used for exorcism. It is reported to remove negative energies from the body, aura and environment.  Frank is known as the king of oils.  I love using it internally to decrease inflammation, pain and research has proven it to shrink tumors.

  2. Myrrh purifies the environment of negative influences and energies.

  3. Rose is the queen of oils.  It offers the highest vibrational frequency.

This combination is not only extremely effective in clearing out negative energies but also smells divine as you diffuse it.  Feel free to add a couple of drops of lavender to this mix. Lavender has been used traditionally to neutralize bad frequencies during cleansing rituals.  

If you have questions, regarding essential oil uses for health, weight loss, pain, attraction and cleansing, reach me at 561-501-0258 or click here.