Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is a time to count our blessings, be present with family, reflect on the past, create new memories and pay it forward.  

We often get so caught up in all the nuances of life and stress over things we really have no control over, that we forget how truly blessed we are.

Today I ask you, what are you grateful for?  Consider all the wonderful things in your life regardless of how seemingly small.  Life is a miracle and this is the perfect time of year to be thankful for everything and everyone in our lives including challenging people and situations.  This season, spread love, cheer, and enjoy your loved ones.  

If you want to be free and live a happy, healthy and abundant life, begin viewing life through the lens of appreciation.  Don’t wait until you lose one of your blessings to see how truly fragile life is.  

I am thankful for all the things, good and bad, in my past.  All the lessons I’ve learned, have made me the woman I am today.  I welcome everything that’s to come as I will grow from each experience and become the best version of myself.  I am blessed to have a loving family and friends that love and support me.  I am guided by an all loving source and as a result I cannot fail, only learn.

My prayer this thanksgiving is Thank You!  That is the most powerful prayer you could ever say. 

Choose gratitude this Thanksgiving.

Gratefully Yours,

Dr. Aixa Goodrich