Forgiveness Challenge!


Forgiveness is the single ingredient that is at the center of removing the invisible blocks to happiness and success. Forgiveness is about being in the possession of a compassionate feeling that supports a willingness to forgive someone who has hurt you (including yourself).

Forgiveness is not saying or even feeling that “things are ok now”, nor is it denial that a hurtful situation exists or that your feelings are hurt.  Forgiveness does not mean that you now accept the other person’s behavior. 

Forgiveness is about you giving up “the story” that silently plays in the background of your mind and brings about the bitterness that is linked to all kinds of stress related illnesses.

When someone has hurt or betrayed us, one of the most difficult things we must do is forgive.  You may just want to cut out the person out of your life, and while that may be necessary, if we continue to harbor bitterness towards them, we are not truly free. 

By forgiving others, we free ourselves spiritually and emotionally, and we release the other person once and for all from occupying space in our minds and heart (rent free).  We are literally a chained slaved to anyone who we do not forgive, regardless of the “crime”.

Forgiveness frees YOU! It is about you getting on with your life and pardoning yourself from a self-imposed prison that is holding you captive.  

Forgiveness is a choice.  Choose forgiveness over poisoning your soul.

Forgiveness is a major key to unlocking the doors to enlightenment and manifestation, and I know you are capable of owning it fully.

I challenge you to forgive yourself or someone who has done you wrong.