When Life Launches Lemons at YOU


The universe has a funny sense of humor.  When you think that life is going great, a bag of giant sized, genetically modified lemons are thrown at you.  What do you do?  

If we break any unwanted situation down in an objective way without letting emotions get the best of us, we will learn that everything that happens to you, good or bad, is in divine order.  The obstacles that we encounter are not in your way, they are on your way to greatness.  If you also accept that life can’t always be perfect, then you’ll be less stressed and less like to get sick or age prematurely.  There must always be a balance.  You can’t know love without hate, peace without war, night without day.  

What happens is not in your way, it’s on your way.

John Demartini

Often times what causes us the most stress is our unrealistic expectations of how things should be.  We are projecting on to other what WE would do, what WE are capable of doing and OUR values.  People’s behavior are based on what they value most not on what your values are. 

Now if you truly value what you say you value then you won’t continue to tolerate certain people, places and things.  So in life, what do you value most?  If you’re not sure, just look at what you spend most of your day doing, what is in your immediate environment all the time and what you spend your hard earned money on.  You may say family but if you never spend time with them, then it’s probably not that.  If you say financial but you don’t save a dime, get educated on financial freedom and spend every cent on depreciable, then it’s not that. 

Once you determine your values, you may begin to understand why your life is the way it is and why you keep running into obstacles that are not obstacles but simply the universe’s way of speaking to you and answering “your prayers”.

Next time you’re faced with a challenge, look for the gift in the situation. 

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