Is Balance Bull$hit


Most everyone I know wants to live a balanced life.  The first question you have to ask yourself is, “what is balance to me?”  Does it mean giving equal attention to all things?   Is it living in peace and harmony everyday?  Is it doing it all yourself? Your definition and perspective on balance is everything. 

Many people are lead to believe that it’s impossible to find balance with all the things that are constantly thrown our way. Balance is often misunderstood as giving equal weight to everything. I can tell you that finding balance doesn’t come from making all things equal and giving it equal attention, time and energy.  If you try to do just that, you’ll find yourself exhausted, anxious and resentful. 

Living a balanced life can be achieved by determining your values.  What is most important to you?  What do you think about most of the time?  What and who do you surround yourself with?  What do you do that doesn’t require anyone to motivate, inspire or incentivize you? What do you spend your hard earned money on?  If I snapped my fingers and made you an instant billionaire, what would you do with your time?  I’m sure you’d shop and travel and blah, blah, blah…but after a while you’d want to do something that inspires and fulfills you.  What is that?  That will tell you what you most value.  If something is not high on your values list, it won’t be high on your priority list.  So in essence if you try to give everything equal weight and attention but it’s not high on your values or priority list, you’ll get stressed and think balance is bullshit.  

Balance is being focused on one thing at a time without distractions.

It’s ok not to do everything yourself.  Learn to delegate. You cannot do all things, and if you do it probably won’t be done WELL. 

Living a balanced life means determining what you love to do, what is most important to you, what you do best and then allocating your time and energy accordingly.   It’s ok to set boundaries and stop over committing to people, places and things that don’t align with your highest values. 

Balance is not bullshit.  You just have to prioritize your life and delegate the rest. Once your know your priorities don’t try and multi-task.  If I’m home with my family, I’m focused on them.  They have my full attention.  If I’m with a client, they have my full attention.  I don’t allow myself to get distracted.  Focused attention is key.

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Cheers to living a balanced life!