Why you should be generous…


I have learned over the years that there are several characteristics in a human being that open up the pathway to unlimited success and abundance.  Generosity is one of them.  Generosity is the virtue of giving something of value without expecting anything in return.  You can be generous with your time, talents, wisdom, resources and money.  Being generous is associated with empathy and is the opposite of selfishness, stinginess and frugality.  Research has found that generosity makes you healthier, happier, less depressed and can therefore prolong your life. So why aren’t more people practicing generosity?  I believe it’s due to a lack of understanding.  They may think they need to have lots of money or time to begenerous.  What about just sharing a meal, a kind gesture, a smile?  That is being generous as well.  You can also give advice or mentor a child, teen or young adult.  If you sing, play an instrument or paint for example, you can volunteer at a nursing home or at an orphanage.  We can all contribute in some way.  As Anne Frank said, “No-one has ever become poor by giving”.

Generosity is a magnanimous gesture and an act of pure altruism.  Being generous will boost your confidence, attract more love and connection, enhances your reputation and open the flood gates to abundance and fulfillment. 

It is the law of the universe that what you give you will get back, directly or indirectly, ten fold. Generosity propagates prosperity.

With Gratitude,

Dr. Aixa

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