Top Essential Oils To Speed Up Metabolism and Weight Loss

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Are you looking to speed up your metabolism and shed a few unwanted pounds?  I think we all have been here at some point or another.  So I bring you some great news.  There is a simple and natural solution to your challenge.

Essential oils have been used medicinally for thousands of years.  They are naturally occurring compounds found and extracted from the roots, bark, stems, seeds, flowers and other parts of the plant.  They have longed been prized for their beauty enhancing, medicinal, spiritual, aromatic and therapeutic value.  You may also know that most medicines are derived from plants as well.  

Aromatherapy is thought to stimulate parts of the brain, the amygdala and hippocampus, which can positively impact your physical, emotional and mental states.  This is another reason why essential oils are so effective in treating anxiety and hormone imbalance.  While the use of the following 5 essential oils do not replace a healthy diet and exercise routine, they will help give you the boost that you’re looking for.  If you struggle with emotional eating, fatigue, sugar cravings, depression, anxiety, constipation and slow metabolism, this could be your missing link.

My top 5:

  1. Cinnamon- This will help curb your sugar cravings.  If you’re an emotional eater or have a sweet tooth, this is your oil.
  2. Grapefruit- This oil helps turn your body into a fat burning machine.  
  3. Peppermint-  This will help suppress your appetite.  It also helps with bloating and indigestion. As an added bonus, it clears your mind and wakes you up.
  4. Ginger- This is the killer of inflammation.  It is a great digestive aid and helps with nutrient absorption. It also helps curb sugar cravings.
  5. Lemon- This invigorating oil, helps burn fat, uplifts mood and is a great antibacterial and antifungal remedy.

How to use:

  1. You can diffuse the oils for an aromatic effect.
  2. You can dilute in water and ingest.
  3. You can apply on skin BUT only with a carrier oil.***

I also recommend a special blend known as slim and sassy that incorporates all these oils.  Combine this hack with a 21 day purification and you’re certain to look your best in 2018.

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***A carrier oil is a vegetable oil derived from the fatty portion of a plant, usually from the seeds, kernels or the nuts.

If essential oils are applied to the skin undiluted, they can cause severe irritation, sensitization, redness or burning or other reactions in some individuals. Carrier oils are used to dilute essential and other oils prior to topical application.  I use fractioned coconut oil but there are others you can use such as avocado oil, olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, etc.