sun-in-my-hands-1308778-639x411 What is spirituality?

Spirituality is the way you find meaning, hope, comfort and inner peace in your life. Many people find spirituality through religion. Some find it through music, art or a connection with nature. Others find it in their values and principles.

Spirituality produces in man qualities such as love, honesty, patience, tolerance, compassion, a sense of detachment, faith, and hope. It is a concept that is found in all cultures and societies.

How is spirituality related to health?

No one really knows for sure how spirituality is related to health. However, it seems the body, mind and spirit are connected. The health of any one of these elements seems to affect the health of the others.

Even though spirituality and health is a relatively new field in medicine and healthcare, historically healthcare in the United States was founded on spiritual values - service, altruism, and compassionate care of those in need and those who suffer.

Research shows that things such as positive beliefs, comfort and strength gained from religion, meditation and prayer can contribute to healing and a sense of well being. Improving your spiritual health may not cure an illness, but it may help you feel better, prevent some health problems and help you cope with illness, stress or death.

How can I improve my spiritual health?

If you want to improve your spiritual health, you may want to try the following ideas. However, remember that everyone is different, so what works for others may not work for you. Do what is comfortable for you.

Identify the things in your life that give you a sense of inner peace, comfort, strength, love and connection. Set aside time every day to do the things that help you connect to your spirituality. These may include doing volunteer work, praying, meditating, singing, reading books that inspire you, taking nature walks, doing yoga practice, playing sports or attending religious services/events. Eating healthy foods, drink half your body weight in water, conscious breathing are in my daily repertoire.

Always remember that we are all interconnected in some way, shape or form so always think, speak and act in ways that are in the best interest for humanity.