New Year’s Resolution

Just about everyone makes New Year’s resolutions but less than 8% actually stick to them.  Why is that?  Are they unrealistic goals or simply just things we know we need to do but don’t necessarily want to do them?  Either way it doesn’t matter.  

Most resolutions revolve around getting healthier and losing weight.  If this is you and you are having a hard time sticking to it, then perhaps you could find a support team.  For example, we just began a 21 day purification on 1/11/16.  It is a group cleanse and we all support each other and build each other up when we face a challenge.


Some other resolutions are:


  1. quit smoking
  2. make more spend less
  3. get organized
  4. spend quality time with loved one
  5. find that special someone


Here are some steps that can help you stick to your resolutions not only for the new year but year round.


  1. find a support team or a buddy- they can help you stick to exercise, not pick up that cigarette or grab that oreo
  2. change your environment- don’t hang out in the same old place with the same old people with the same old habits because that will yield you the same old results AND that’s the definition of insanity!
  3. hire someone- be it a professional trainer, a physician, an organizational specialist, financial advisor or match maker…that’s what they do best and probably not your forte.
  4. schedule yourself in- if it’s quality time with loved ones, zen time, gym time or lounge time…pencil it in your calendar.  Ink it, don’t think it.  Things that get scheduled, get done!
  5. love yourself- drink more water and get more fruits and veggies in.  If you’re good to your body, your body will be good to you and it will make all of the above soooo much easier.



If you need help sticking to your health goals, call me to schedule your consult 305-271-7447.


Cheers to an EPIC 2016!