Busy Bee’s Guide to Cardio


Hey we all know that part of being healthy is more than just diet and exercise but those are certainly key components.  I don’t know about you but I have a pretty busy schedule with a couple of businesses to operate, mother of 2, wife to an amazing man, leader of the best team ever, radio show host, author, speaker, motivator of the masses, etc.  I’m sure you’re just as busy if not busier. Even with such a crazy schedule, we must find time to get some cardio in.  Ideally, we should be getting at least 30 minutes per day a least 5 times per week.  This could lower your risk of many lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.  So here are a few tricks to sneak it in to your schedule even if you split it up into 3-10min. sessions or 2-15 min. sessions.

  1. Take the stairs-you’re doing cardio and working out your tush and those sexy legs…ooh la la!
  2. Bike or walk to work if possible.
  3. If you must drive, park further away.  You’ll walk more and avoid dents and scratches to your car.
  4. Drink more water.  You’ll have to go #1 more and hence more trips to the restroom. You can choose a restroom on a different floor and take the stairsJ
  5. Talk while you walk.  I often return calls while I’m walking.  I get to catch up with old friends, loved ones and handle some business while I’m at it.
  6. Travel often?  Walk terminals.
  7. Going on a date?  How about some dancing?  I love me some salsa!! You get to bust a move, have some fun, and burn stubborn calories.


No excuses! Get it done!  No expensive gym memberships, complicated equipment or fancy outfits required.



Dr. Aixa