Seize the Moment!


In life you’re going to be faced with opportunities to make your life extraordinary.  

Seize the moment. Opportunities don’t always come by and knock two or three times.  It’s ok to be scared but don’t hesitate.  Jump!  The parachute will open.  

I know so many people always wishing and praying for a miracle and then when opportunity arises, they fall asleep at the wheel.  

Keep the prayers going, set the intentions, create solid goals, visualize and affirm but also listen for the answers when they’re being shouted at you.  

Results may not happen overnight.  Everything happens when it’s supposed to happen.  You water the lawn and eventually the grass gets greener.

I love Les Brown’s bamboo tree story.  It takes five years of watering and fertilizing the soil before the bamboo sprouts and then in five weeks the bamboo grows to 90 feet.  Did it take five weeks or five years?  The universe is conspiring in your favor.  Don’t quit!  Don’t resist and always trust the process.

You may not always see opportunities because they may come disguised as challenges.  People will challenge you, life will challenge you but if you see them as lessons and an opportunity to grow, you can take your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

Keep watering your dreams.  Wake up everyday and set your intention, review your goals, visualize your ideal life, seize the day and watch your life become a masterpiece.