The One Thing


I get asked all the time, “what’s the one thing I should do to be happier and more successful?”.  Here’s the one thing.

We are always looking for tidbits that are going to be the magic bullet to having all of our desires met.

You see the question is not what you should do but who you should be.  Your life doesn’t change by the content of your life it changes by the context of your life.

You woke up this morning.  Do you know that roughly 151,000 people die each day?  That means that they didn’t wake up this morning but you and I did.  Not only were their lives changed but the lives of their loved ones as well.

But here you and I are. Smiling. Breathing. Eating. Reading. Driving. WOW!

So the one thing you must do each and everyday is wake up. Check that you’re alive. If you are, lucky you.  Over 151,000 people didn’t have that privilege. The next thing you should do is live and not let life live you.  Truly live.  Don’t let the petty shit get in your way of enjoying your time here on earth, expressing your grace and fulfilling your purpose.  So what if the stock market isn’t doing well.  You’re still alive.  

In a nutshell, live a life of gratitude. You and I are extremely fortunate. I recently returned from a mission trip in DR.  My incredible team and I visited a Haitian Batey.  There is unrelenting poverty, chronic malnutrition, barely any clean drinking water, higher prevalence of HIV/AIDS and increase risk for exploitation of the younger population amongst other things.  Going to a place like this really puts things in perspective.

Tomorrow morning when you wake up, if you wake up, thank your creator.  Give thanks for all your blessings and pay it forward. That’s the one thing.