Time is $$$$$

If you truly want to be taken seriously in life and business, you must respect people’s time.  One of my biggest pet peeves, is tardiness.  To me, it’s a reflection of poor time management, lack of self esteem and disrespect for yourself and others. 

I had an appointment today at 10am.  An appointment that I scheduled three weeks ago.  The person I was meeting showed up 25 minutes late without a call, a text or email notification.  Upon their arrival, they had Starbucks in hand.  No apology!

I normally wouldn’t have waited that long for someone unless there was a true emergency.  However, I needed to get this done.  This isn’t the first time it happens either.  The consequences of their actions are losing me as a customer and referrals from my extensive circle of influence.

When I hear that business is slow, economy is bad, people won’t pay for services, what I hear is that you haven’t added enough value to your client or customer for them to want to do business with you.  

Time is money!  In fact, it is estimated that nearly 90 billion dollar is lost yearly due to poor time management and tardiness.  So fashionably late is BS.

I realized that there are people who have anxiety disorders but that is not the case in this scenario.

Here are some steps you can take to avoid being late:

  1. Plan ahead. I live in Miami. There’s a crap load of traffic on any given day and time. 

  2. Set all your time pieces ahead 15 minutes.  So pretty much “psych” yourself out.

  3. Avoid over-extending yourself by scheduling way beyond your capacity.

  4. Learn to say NO.  Don’t feel obligated to do things you really don’t want to do.  

  5. Don’t hit snooze. Jump out of bed.

  6. Pre-plan outfits.

  7. Pack your meals the night before.

How you do one thing is how you do everything.  If you struggle with time management, there are probably other areas of your life that are not doing so well either.  I know this from experience.  Anytime, I’ve coached a client that is chronically late, they are also stressed beyond belief, physically and sick and tired, they have poor personal relationships and struggling with finances.

If this is you, let’s work together to align your mind, body and divine connection.  As a result, you’ll experience more freedom, improved health, loving relationships and financial stability.