What’s on Your Bucket List


Have you ever created a bucket list?  You may not think too often about crossing over but I’m sure you have things that you’d like to get done before you kick the bucket. 

This is sort of like a list of goals put in writing.  It will keep you motivated and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you cross each one off your list.  

What are some of the things that excite you and maybe even scare you a bit or a lot?  After all you only have one chance to do things in this life.  Do not miss your opportunity to do what you can in this lifetime. 

Here’s a list of suggestions for you to consider doing before you die:

  1. Travel to every continent

  2. Go backpacking

  3. Skydive

  4. Climb a mountain

  5. Adopt a pet

  6. Learn a new language

  7. Learn to play an instrument

  8. Mentor a child

  9. Volunteer at a shelter

  10. Bathe in every major body of water

  11. Fly a plane

  12. Go camping/glamping

  13. Own property

  14. Design and build your dream home

  15. Donate blood

  16. Watch the sunrise and sunset

  17. Fly in first class

  18. Swim with dolphins

  19. Drive the PCH

  20. See a Broadway show live

  21. See your favorite band in concert

  22. Ride in a hot air balloon

  23. Write a book

  24. Ride in a helicopter 

  25. Learn to cook a fancy dish

  26. See the Great Barrier Reef

  27. Visit the Grand Canyon

  28. Pick up a sport

  29. See the 7 wonders of the world

  30. Feed the homeless

  31. See the Northern Lights

  32. Fast for a day

  33. Run a marathon 

  34. Swim with a great white

  35. Write an anonymous note to brighten someone’s day

  36. Island hop in the Caribbean

  37. Bury a time capsule

  38. Send a message in a bottle

  39. Get a tattoo by a monk

  40. Go white water rafting

  41. See the Coliseum 

  42. Visit all the US states

  43. Plant a tree

  44. Learn self defense

  45. Ride a horse

  46. Fire a weapon

  47. Learn to use chopsticks

  48. Give a public speech 

  49. Drive a race car

  50. Go to the Kentucky Derby

  51. Learn to dance

  52. Learn a magic trick

  53. Get a passport

  54. Plant a garden

  55. Plant a tree

  56. Vote in an election

  57. Go on a road trip

  58. Go zip lining 

  59. See snow

  60. Go skinny dipping

  61. Meditate with monks

  62. Recycle

  63. See the changing of the guards

  64. Name a star after a loved one

  65. Read a book a week for a year

  66. Write a forgiveness letter

  67. Write your future self a love letter

  68. Drink Cuban coffee

  69. Make art

  70. Dance in the rain

  71. Fall in love

  72. Have a pillow fight

  73. Get a massage

  74. Sing Karaoke 

  75. Sleep under the stars

  76. Join the mile high club

  77. Pack a bag, go to the airport and take the first flight you can find

  78. Go snowmobiling

  79. Do a TED talk

  80. Go to Oktoberfest in Germany

  81. See the running of the bulls in Pamplona

  82. Go vegan for a month

  83. Attend a major sporting event

  84. Go on a Safari

  85. Walk the Great Wall of China

  86. Jet ski

  87. Learn to surf in Hawaii

  88. Float in the Dead Sea

  89. Take a month long vacation

  90. Pick up an elder’s tab 

  91. Pay it forward

  92. Sleep in a castle

  93. Stand on the equator

  94. Go on a mission trip

  95. Drive Route 66

  96. Be silent for 24 hours

  97. Give up social media for a month

  98. Go dog sledding in Alaska with Huskies

  99. Be Happy for no reason

Make time to sit down and think about what you want to experience in the short time you have here on earth.  Think of each minute that passes by as an unrepeatable miracle.  Don’t waste it.