When Was Your Last Vacay?


When was the last time you scheduled a vacation?  Vacations are not a luxury, they are a necessity for living a healthy and happy life.  I remember a good friend and mentor once saying, “if you don’t take time for vacation, God will permanently reward you with one”.  I found his insight remarkable.

I know so many people that are working so hard at achieving their goals that they forget to celebrate the wins along the way.  If you wait to reach that “final destination” in your goals to reward yourself, you actually never will.  Why?  Because as time and life goes on, our goals and aspirations change and that’s perfectly ok. So there is no “I finally reached my goal”.  Goals are a work in progress.  As you grow, so will your goals and your desires may change as well.

Some people wait to travel until they retire.  What?  NO!  I learned from my beast of a mother, may she rest in peace, that sometimes your time on earth is short.  You must live happy, enjoy life, spend time with loved one and enjoy the ride.  Your body, mind, spirit and loved ones will thank you for it.

Here are a few other reasons why you MUST vacation:

  1. Reconnect with family-  It is extremely important to strengthen the bonds with your family.  Especially with your partner and children.  When you’re on your death bed, I promise you that you won’t say I wish I would’ve worked more or spent more time at the office or on Facebook. 
  2. Improve your sex life- When you’re away from all the responsibilities, you can let your hair down.  You make have a few cocktail, have a romantic dinner or get your groove on with some throwback tunes, all of which might lead to a steamy night.  Sounds good to me:)
  3. Reduce stress-  Chronic stress can be toxic and destructive to the body.  We are overwhelmed with technology and responsibilities.  If you throw in added stress from lack of sleep, food toxicity and environmental toxins, you have a recipe for total failure.  Stress causes cortisol levels to go up and can cause weight gain.  Have you scheduled that vacation yet?
  4. Improve sleep quality-  I know you may have experienced crappy beds at one point or another.  I can honestly tell you that I probably get the best sleep when I’m on vacation.  I totally disconnect.  I’m not concerned with phones, emails, time, etc.  So essentially I’m worry free and can sleep more soundly.  
  5. Promotes creativity-  I have had some of my best ideas while on vacay.  When you’re mind is free of worry and stress, you recharge and reboot the brain.  If you throw in a drink or two, you may come up with the next million dollar idea.
  6. Makes you happier-  A recent study shows that taking time off can make you happier and more productive.  This may be due to the excitement and anticipation generated when you know you’re getting away.  The study also mentions taking a 2-3 vacations per year may have greater benefits, even if they’re shorter, than taking just one long one.
  7. Makes you healthier-  Of course it does!  You’re spending time with loved ones, improving your sex life, shedding stress, getting more rest and becoming more creative.  How can you not be healthier?  You may also want to take into consideration that stress is the #1 cause of heart disease. Long term studies that vacationing can lower the risk for both men and women.  

I’m packing my bags as we speak.  See you there?

It’s time to Manifest Your Epic Life,

Dr. Aixa