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Traditional Chinese Medicine

As an acupuncturist, Dr Stephney’s goal is to provide comprehensive, friendly, and multifocal care using Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques. ..

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New Year, EPIC YOU!

Here's to a EPIC 2016!

Dr. Eric Plasker, bestselling author and fellow chiropractor, joins Dr. Aixa Goodrich to give you tips and tools for everlasting change and success...

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Detox your body for success

Daily exposure to toxins, including pollutants and diets high in processed foods, can ultimately disrupt the body’s endocrine...

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What type of exercise is right for you?

Dr. Aixa Goodrich sits down with Personal Trainer Robert Patzner to discuss what type of exercise is right for you and debunking ...

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Holiday Stress Busters

Dr. Aixa Goodrich is joined by fellow chiropractor Dr. Aura Tovar to discuss how to stay healthy and reduce your stress during the holiday season. ...

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Nutrition 101: It's all about WATER

Dr. Aixa shares tips on the proper amount of water to consume in a day. By the way, coffee does not count. We then cover the benefits of enough fruits and veggies in your diet....

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