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Transform your frame of mind

Kim Ades is one of North America’s foremost experts on performance success through thought mastery...

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Transform your life from within

Flavio Moy is joined by Dr. Aixa Goodrich.

Flavio Moy is truly a multi-talented man: Initiated Shaman, certified spiritual life coach/counselor  Certified Reiki Master, Master Energy Healer...

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Take Back Your Health from the “Sick Care” System

Dr. Eric Plasker and Dr. Aixa Goodrich talk about “healthcare”. Health insurance isn't health insurance it's "sick insurance"...

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Embracing Children. Inspiring Lives.

Dr. Aixa Goodrich is joined by Ryon Coote and Maggie Dante from Children's Home Society to discuss their organization and all the wonderful things they are doing for the...

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Holiday Stress Busters

Dr. Aixa Goodrich is joined by fellow chiropractor Dr. Aura Tovar to discuss how to stay healthy and reduce your stress during the holiday season. ...

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Financial Wellness

Dr. Aixa sits with David Null to discuss how financial stability and planning can aid in overall health and wellness. We learn the best tactics for savings and...

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