Take Back Your Health from the “Sick Care” System


Dr. Eric Plasker and Dr. Aixa Goodrich talk about “healthcare”. Health insurance isn't health insurance it's "sick insurance".

Our health care system needs an adjustment. The core problem is one of philosophy. Our current system is Crisis Care only. "Health Care" education is primarily done by drug companies whose ultimate goal is to sell their drugs to consumers. The side effects are scary and you can learn about them from any drug ad you watch on television, hear on the radio or see in a magazine.

Manipulating body chemistry is not health care. You and your family should consider taking a new philosophical approach to your well-being.

Who is responsible for your health? Is it your doctor, government, or your insurance carrier? Keep in mind that our current health care system’s main focus is on Crisis Care only, sometimes leading to severe side effects and long term damage. Dramatic and expensive rescue measures as a way of life add to your stress and can make health challenges worse for you and your loved ones.

This even includes prescription drugs. The "quick fix" of over-the-counter or prescription drugs can make you feel different because they change your body chemistry but they can give you a false sense of security that everything is fine when it really is not.

Keeping your spine and nervous system aligned and balanced before a crisis can improve your body’s natural immunity and ability to reach a higher level of vitality, energy and health. If you are already in crisis, chiropractic care can remove the interference, get the pressure off the nerve and may promote a faster recovery without having to resort to more invasive options.

Begin making better lifestyle choices today for yourself and for your family. Make Self Care and Health Care your top priority.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Your health is in your hands. To get started on your journey to optimal health, call (305)271-7447 and schedule your appointment today.

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