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Who is in your Mastermind?

Dr. Aixa Goodrich is joined by fellow chiropractor Dr. Aura Tovar to give you insights on how to create your ideal mastermind group and the benefits in joining one...

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Handle Everyday Obstacles

Fram Sarkari joins Dr. Aixa Goodrich to discuss the best ways to handle your everyday obstacles. Fram uses the Motivational Interviewing...

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Legal Support on Your Side

Robert Rodriguez is dedicated to helping accident victims and individuals seek the financial compensation they need after an accident...

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Relationship, communication & emotional constipation

Dr. Aixa Goodrich is joined by special guest Dr. Wendy Guess to discuss success in relationship.

Dr. Wendy Guess is a marketing faculty member in the FIU College of Business...

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Take Back Your Health from the “Sick Care” System

Dr. Eric Plasker and Dr. Aixa Goodrich talk about “healthcare”. Health insurance isn't health insurance it's "sick insurance"...

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Financial Wellness

Dr. Aixa sits with David Null to discuss how financial stability and planning can aid in overall health and wellness. We learn the best tactics for savings and...

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