Transform your life from within


Flavio Moy is joined by Dr. Aixa Goodrich.

Flavio Moy is truly a multi-talented man: Initiated Shaman, certified spiritual life coach/counselor  Certified Reiki Master, Master Energy Healer, Alchemy Practitioner,  Indoctrinated Gnostic Disciple, and animal protection activist. He inspires people to reach their goals at any stage in their life through self mastery, inner harmony, and health.

Learn how successfully transform your life?

Take the step today and tune in so you can start taking steps to a brighter future filled with success and fulfillment.

Any negativity in your life can be wiped out by restoring balance. Your life experience, mind, body and soul are interconnected. There is no condition or situation that can be happening in your life without the allowing of your soul.

A shamanic session helps heal past trauma, blocked energy, and negative personal patterns in your life. It is a wonderful way to align yourself, regain power, and enhance your talents. A shamanic healing session is very transformational and can change your life in a drastic way.

It will inform you on how to access the most powerful aspects of your being, possible obstacles, upcoming opportunities and solutions, etc.

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