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Handle Everyday Obstacles

Fram Sarkari joins Dr. Aixa Goodrich to discuss the best ways to handle your everyday obstacles. Fram uses the Motivational Interviewing...

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The Real Meaning of Meditation

A great stress management tool is meditation. On top helping you manage your stress meditation can help you with all the pillar in your life and has great benefits...

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Transform your life from within

Flavio Moy is joined by Dr. Aixa Goodrich.

Flavio Moy is truly a multi-talented man: Initiated Shaman, certified spiritual life coach/counselor  Certified Reiki Master, Master Energy Healer...

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Energy Healing and your subconscious mind

Dr. Aixa Goodrich is joined by Jed Shlackman, M.S. Ed., LMHC a mental health counselor based in Miami, FL and has a holistic approach ...

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What is spirituality? How do we identify with spirituality? Where do we fit in with the universe? Dr. Aixa hosts a panel taking a deep look at spirituality....

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