5 Ways to Take Your Health to the Next Level


You’ve probably at some point heard that health is wealth. And you may know that you have to make some changes to your lifestyle if you want to have quality of life.  What I find with my patient and clients is that they know they need to make changes, they in fact want to make changes but they don’t know where to start.  There’s so much information out there that they get analysis paralysis.  

Here’s 5 key ways to begin making a change in your health and life:

  1. Know your starting point.  The worst thing you can do is go run a marathon when you’ve been sitting on your ass for a decade.  Not that you can’t do it, you just probably shouldn’t if you want to walk to the fridge and sit on the toilet. It’s ok to start where you’re at and build from there.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were you.

  2. Create goals with a plan. Identify what your goals are.  Is it to lose weight, increase flexibility, boost stamina, sleep better, be less grouchy, etc. Then you create a plan.  For example:  “I will increase my water intake by 16 ounces today”, “I will take the stairs, not the elevator”, “I will join a gym”, “I will hire a personal trainer”, “I will cook more and eat out less”.  Start slow and build from there.

  3. Master your mind.  Your mind gives out on your way faster than your body will.  It’s the bullshit self talk that makes you stop.  It’s that little voice in your head that sabotages your every move.  Tell it to STFU and you keep going.  Affirmations are so very helpful in this situation.

  4. Find a Functional Medicine Practitioner if you have health issues.  We get to the root cause. Often times inflammation and toxicity keep you feeling sick and tired without an ounce of energy.  Also find an accountability partner.  If you have a supportive friend or relative, partner up with them.  If you need a trainer, hire one.  If you need a coach/mentor/functional doctor, I’m here. Invest in yourself.  No one else will invest in you like you will.  Set yourself up to win. 

  5. Celebrate the wins.  Stop beating yourself up over the one thing you screwed up.  Start celebrating the wins.  The key is if you’re celebrating losing 10 lbs., don’t go eat a large pizza pie.  Instead buy a pair of shoes or a new bag or a book that inspires you.  

When you chunk down the process, it’s so much easier to tackle.  If you need a meal plan or an exercise program to do from the comfort of your own home, I’ve got you covered.  If you’re feeling stuck in your head with crappy thinking, I’ve got you covered too.

Start today, wherever you’re at and lastly don’t compare your journey to anyone else.  As Dr Seuss once said, “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you-er than you.”

Dr. Aixa