Clarity-How do you gain it?


Clarity and focus are necessary qualities for success. It’s easy to say to decide what you want and then pursue it with a fiery passion. But what if you’re unclear or uncertain of where you want to go or what you want to pursue? You know that there’s more to life and want more more fulfillment.  

You’re not alone. Lack of clarity can be caused by not understanding a certain situation, relationship, task or desired outcome.

Here are a few ideas on how to gain clarity and be purposeful.

  1. Listen to your thoughts. You may hear some fear or doubt in there somewhere which is probably contributing to the uncertainty or lack of clarity. We may dream about what we want to accomplish but then our MFTP (mother, father, teacher, preacher) training rears its ugly head and starts to mess with our heads. You begin to question yourself and the self-sabotage begins.
  2. You must set goals that scare you a bit. If they don’t scare you, they're not big enough. To hell with realistic. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it. If you could have anything you want and failure was not possible, what would you want?
  3. Visualize your ideal situation. The brain is the most powerful tool we have. If you could see it in your mind’s eye, the brain will fire the right neurons to make it happen. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between something real and something imagined. So seeing it, feeling it, smelling it, tasting it will fire the right wire to make it a reality.
  4. Affirm what you want. Get rid of the negative self-talk and begin speaking lovingly to yourself. Affirmations are positive and specific statements that help you visualize and believe in what you’re affirming. This is one tool that has had the most profound effect on my life.
  5. Meditate daily. There are many guided meditations online that you could use to clear your mind and focus on your dreams. It clears the clutter in the mind and helps your brain work at full capacity.
  6. Focus on the end result. Keep your eye on the prize and make corrections as you go. Just get going. Don't let your uncertainty paralyze you.
  7. Ask for help. I coach many patients/clients that are simply stuck in their stuff or story. There is no need to feel ashamed or think you’re crazy or broken. We could all use coaching and mentoring in our lives.

I recently received a call from Dr. Larry Markson, my own long term personal and professional mentor, coach and now great friend. As amazing as it sounds, he invited me to participate with him and assist in facilitating one of his retreats that he affectionately calls The Cabin Experience. For the past 11 years, the Cabin has literally hosted people from every state in the nation and from overseas, as well. They are from all walks of life but have one thing in common - they all want to do better in some area of their life. And, I can personally testify to the results you will attain. Unbelievable and life-changing!

I am so privileged and honored to work with this international celebrity, platform speaker, author and life coach. He believes that I can make a significant contribution by merging some of my Manifest Your Epic Life philosophy into his work and after hearing what we were about to do, he has graciously invited me to bring you along and at a reduced fee with the ability to pay it out up to a year if necessary.

This is a once in a lifetime golden opportunity for you. Please review the enclosed video, then go to and review the website. Finally, call me personally and let's discuss this together.

I would love you to share these few days with you. You'll come home smiling and totally fulfilled.

Thank you for the confidence you continue to show in me.

Dr. Aixa Goodrich

If you'd like more specific help about how to improve your life, schedule a consult with me!