Become a Spiritual Gangsta


We must tune in to our innate powers in order to manifest your epic life.  As you may already know, the entire universe is made up of energy centers.  We also have energy centers within us.  These are natural energy centers that we are born with.  We actually have seven of them, however, some believe we have more.  We are going to focus on the seven most common and the easiest way to balance in order to create harmony in our inner and outer worlds.  They are better known as chakras.

The energy moves from the bottom up or base of your spine to the top of your head, otherwise known as your crown chakra.  When all the 7 energy centers are spinning with the right amount of energy, you will experience harmony, health, joy, love, peace and spiritual awakening.

At times, your chakras can become either too open or too closed.  Either way, your physical, emotional and/or spiritual health may be challenged. 

Here we will discuss each chakra, what they symbolize and how to balance them.

  1. Root chakra aka Muladhara- represents stability, security and grounding to earth.  It is represented by the color red. If out of balance, you may experience fear and anxiety as well as female issues, lower back pain and even digestive issues.  To balance the root chakra apply Patchouli essential oil to the base of the spine or you can diffuse it.  Yoga poses are also a great tool to open up your chakras.  Sitting on the ground with your legs crossed and feeling supported by the earth is a great way to balance this primal energy center and breathe.
  2. Sacral chakra aka Svadhishana- this is your creative energy center, the one that allows you to enjoy and indulge in pleasurable experiences including sex.  It is represented by the color orange.  If it’s out of balance, you may experience addictive behaviors, gluttony and hormonal imbalances.  To balance the sacral chakra apply and or diffuse Clary Sage essential oil.  You can also lay on your back, knees bent and let your knees drop to the side while the soles of your feet touch and just breathe into this center.
  3. Solar Plexus aka Manipura- This chakra is where your personal power and self confidence resides.  It is represented by the color yellow.  When it’s out of balance you may feel the need to control and micromanage.  You may also be short fused.  Symptoms include digestive issue but also challenges with your internal organs such as liver, kidneys and pancreas.  Hyssop, Cedarwood and Cardamon essential oils can be applied to this chakra or diffused.  Planking is also a great way to balance this energy center.
  4. Heart chakra aka Anahata- This is where love and compassion for yourself and others reside.  It is represented by the color green.  When out of alignment, you may self sacrifice and stay in unhealthy relationships.  You may also experience palpitations and heart burn.  Rose and Geranium essential oils can be diffused or applied to this energy center.  Getting a massage is also beneficial as it implies self love.  A wonderful exercise is Camel pose. Simply get on your knees and bend backwards with your hands touching your heels.
  5. Throat chakra aka Vishuddha- This is where your voice and truth lives.  It is represented by the color green.  When in balance, you will speak your truth and let your feelings be known in a loving and compassionate way.  When it’s out of balance, you may develop thyroid issues, frequent colds and infections as well as ulcers in your mouth.  To align and balance this chakra, apply Myrrh and lemongrass to this area.  You may also diffuse it.  Singing and humming is a great way to open up this chakra.  Of course speaking your truth always is a great way to balance and keep it that way.
  6. Third eye aka Ajna-  This is your wisdom, intuition and psychic center. Your Pineal gland, a tiny gland in your brain, is where it’s located.  This chakra is represented by the color indigo.  When the energy is spinning at the right speed, you will feel in tune and you’ll be able to receive universal information.  When out of alignment, you may experience mental exhaustion, indecisiveness and inability to concentrate. You may also have symptoms such as headaches, visual problems and insomnia.  Helichrysum essential oil as well as lavender is quite beneficial to balance this chakra.  Eating whole foods and incorporating Reiki can also be helpful. Downward dog is a great yoga pose for balancing the Ajna. 
  7. Crown chakra aka Sahaswara- This is pure consciousness.  It is your magnet center.  This is your connection to source energy or God and to everything for that matter.  It is represented by the color Violet or White.  It is located at the top of your head.  When in balance you’ll feel like a spiritual gangsta. There will be no fear or anxiety when it’s open and balanced. It is said that this chakra can never be overactive only underachieve.  To increase the energy flow, meditate daily.  Envision a white light flowing into your the top of your head. Corps pose or tree pose are also beneficial.  I also love to apply, diffuse and ingest Frankincense daily.   Frank is the king of oils!

It is important to become aware of your awareness.  Listen to your body and the symptoms, emotions and thoughts that you’re experiencing. If you feel sick and disconnected, your chakras may need some fine tuning.  Incorporate essential oils, yoga, meditation, Reiki, massage and show yourself some love. 


Dr. Aixa