The Power of Forgiveness


If you want to be master of your domain, a spiritual ninja or just a happy, healthy and abundant human being, you must learn to forgive.  Forgive yourself and forgive others. 

Forgiveness is something you do for you.  It doesn’t pardon the other person’s behavior or actions.  It simply removes them from occupying real estate in your head.  

We have all done shitty things in the past, consciously or unconsciously.  Maybe we were in a bad place or made a rash decision or maybe we really didn’t know how to handle a certain situation.  If this is you, stop beating yourself up.  You can’t go back and change anything.  Simply learn from your oopsies and move on soldier.  If you live in the past, regardless of it having been good or bad, you are robbing the present and the future from your best self.  Allow yourself to break the chains that are holding you hostage.  You survived.  Now grow from it and learn the lesson.  Everything in life is a lesson.  There are no mistakes.  Whatever happened needed to happen so you and the rest of your world could become a better place.

Holding on to anger and resentment for others is limiting your full potential.  You’re blocking the universe from giving you all that you deserve.  Think of the one person who you hold a negative charge against.  The lover who cheated on you, the employee/business partner who stole from you, the jackass who cut you off, the friend that backstabbed you and talked all sorts of shit about you.  Put yourself in their place.  Have you ever acted in such a manner.  Why do you think they did it?  Maybe the lover had his/her heart broken in the past and doesn’t know how to love or is sabotaging the current relationship so they don’t get hurt again.  Perhaps the business partner has a sick child or spouse or came from a poor family that could only survive by stealing. Maybe the jackass that cut you off is on the way to the hospital to see a loved one take their last breathe or has really bad diarrhea.  You get my drift.  Put yourself in their place, try to understand and find some love and compassion.  Again this is not about fully trusting them again.  This is about removing fear, anger and resentment in your heart and soul so that you can become the best YOU and live a happy, healthy and abundant life.

Understand that hurt comes from hurt.  If someone hurts you, I can almost guarantee that they’ve been hurt and maybe that’s all they know.  If you’re struggling with a certain situation, try to understand their “why”.  I’m not suggesting it will be easy.  You’ll experience an array of emotions…from sadness to I wanna kill that mofo.  BUT do it anyway.  Experience all of it.  Release it and focus on the future.

As a result you’ll experience happier relationships, improved mental health, less stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and blood sugar and more abundance.

With love & compassion,

Dr. Aixa