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Become a Spiritual Gangsta

We must tune in to our innate powers in order to manifest your epic life.  As you may already know, the entire universe is made up of energy centers.  We also have energy centers within us.  These are natural energy centers that…

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Tune In & Awaken

Spirituality is a big component of my life.  While I’m not a particularly religious person I do respect everyones beliefs.  I simply choose to believe in a higher consciousness.  Higher consciousness is…

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I always tell my clients that stress is the number one cause of all disease.  Stress can affect the way you feel, think, eat, sleep, interact with others and your level of success.  We live in such a crazy world that it really should come as no surprise to see so many sick people.  Sick not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.  It amazes me to hear my patients and clients say that they have “normal” stress.  What is “normal” stress?

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