Secrets to Success


Everyone wants to know what they have to “do” to be successful.  If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard, “just tell me what I have to do, I’ll do anything”, I’d own my very own private island.  Here’s the thing, you don’t have to “do” anything.  Well, yes, you do but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Larry, one of my greatest mentors, instilled in me that it’s who you are that determines how well what you do works.  It’s called the Be, Do, Have model.  It’s not about what you DO but about who you ARE.  Ultimately who you BE, determines what you DO and as a result you will HAVE whatever you want. So instead of asking what do you have to DO to be successful, a better question would be, “who do I have to BE”.  Of course you have to set goals and take massive action but it’s your character and determination that determines how far you get in life.

Find yourself a mentor that is doing what you’d love to do, successfully and brilliantly, and then ask who they ARE.  What are their thought, actions, attitudes, behaviors and then mirror, model, copy, cheat and steal who they ARE/BE. 

I can share with you three things you have to BE and the common traits that successful people have:

  1. Confidence- They believe in themselves and the fact that everything is possible.  They stare fear in the face and attack it. They don’t let others opinions steer them away.  They stay focused.
  2. Persistence- In spite of difficulty, ridicule and opposition you remain focused and steady with great emotion and energy.  Their goal and vision is so clear that they can see the end result.  
  3. Patience- Even though there is a clear vision they don’t stubbornly adhere to one path.  The adjust and adapt along the way with complete faith they will reach their destination.

My question to you is are you happy where you’re at in life?  If not, who are you BEing?  You have the power to manifest your epic life.  You may have to get a bit uncomfortable though.  Are you ready?

BEing, DOing & HAVEing…

Dr. Aixa Goodrich