Succeed on Purpose


Do you want to be successful?  Well, join the club.  Everyone wants to enjoy the fruits but most despise the labor.  

Every time I see a successful person, I applaud them.  We tend to focus on the outcome but neglect to see the sacrifices that had to be made to get to that point.  I’m almost certain they took risks, did the things that others weren’t willing to do and put blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights into their success.  So don't hate, appreciate!

If you want to be successful, ask yourself, “what is it that the world needs or what problem can I solve for humanity?”  Create a plan and then set off to be of service to others.  

Aligning your passion with your work is another way to be very successful.  What you should totally avoid is going only after money and accolades.  That is a sure way to fail.   If you make it about you, the results will disappoint you. 

Once you commit to being the best version of you, create a plan.  Set goals. Review them daily. Take massive action. Adjust your action plan as needed but stay committed to your desired outcome.

One last piece of advice is to create a tribe.  Once you have your support team, don’t let them down.  If you commit to something, follow through or they’ll see right through your BS.   Not only are you letting them down but you are telling your subconscious self that you’re full of it.

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