Karma…Ain’t it a B!%@#


Life isn’t always easy.  If one thing is clear it’s that none of us are perfect.  Everyday we must make mundane choices.  The choices you make and actions you take are pretty much a result of your desires, past experiences and current level of awareness.  

Karma is created as a result of your actions.  We tend to associate karma with bad stuff but really karma is neither good or bad, right or wrong, it’s just action.  What the universe does do, is recirculate the intention behind the action right back around.  For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction, aka, the Law of Cause and Effect.  So basically, you reap what you sow.

You are not always responsible for your karma.  I know it sounds weird but hear me out.  Many of the choices and actions we take are a direct result of our early programming.  This is what I refer to as MFTP or mother, father, teacher, preacher programming.  However, if you have done any amount of personal growth and development, learned from past mistakes and realized that some of your early programming was a bit flawed, then you are 100% responsible for your karma.  Basically, you know better than that by now.  We must realize that we are the cause for creating our reality and destiny.  So no more playing the victim.

Here are a few ways you can release old karma and create more positive karma:

  1. Work on yourself daily.  Your history doesn’t equal you destiny.  Let go of old behavior and ask yourself if the choices you’re making are going to bring more pleasure or more pain to your future self.
  2. Extend a helping hand.  There are so many people worse off than us.  Can you offer a smile, a cup of tea, help with homework or housework or just an ear to listen to someone who is lonely or in emotional distress?  Give and receive.
  3. Meditate!  When you feel like you’re life is out of control (preferably before it goes out of control) quiet your mind and observe your thoughts.  Ask yourself, “who is having these thoughts?”  Is it your old pre-programmed self?  If so, release it.

I invite you to experience 7 days of life transformation.  Learn to take care of your mind and body and create a tribe of like-minded people.

Cheers to manifesting your epic life!