Tune In & Awaken


Spirituality is a big component of my life.  While I’m not a particularly religious person I do respect everyones beliefs.  I simply choose to believe in a higher consciousness.  Higher consciousness is the ability to transcend and understand the nature of your existence or put in simpler terms, elevated awareness.  Some people refer to it as God, Buddha, source energy.  What you call it, is entirely up to you. 

In my experience, the greater the understanding of this source energy or energetic vibration, the simpler life becomes.  It becomes easier to detach.  Attachment is what causes, in my humble opinion, unnecessary stress and emotional upheaval.  When you transcend the mind’s preoccupation with the past and the future, you awaken the unlimited nature of your being and existence.  This doesn’t mean you let life live you.  Certainly, I believe in taking the bull by the horns and telling the universe what I want.  I set goals, visualize, meditate and say my affirmations but I release the outcome.  I detach from the outcome.  Sometimes, the universe knows what we need, what we can handle and what is ultimately best for us and the greater good of humanity.

The mastering of your mind’s chatter and coming to the realization of our oneness with everything and everyone can be a challenge.  

However, once you accept and believe that we are all interconnected, you will never feel alone again and you will see the divine order in everything. Everything?  Yes, EVERYTHING!

Practicing mindfulness, meditation, yoga, praying and by learning from the teaching of great gurus, you can begin to awaken spiritually.

A great teacher will help you understand that most of us operate from a totally fragmented state.  We are preoccupied by the nuances of life and let fear control our every move or lack thereof. Fear is a low vibrating energy.  When you practice yoga, mindfulness, meditation and or prayer, you begin to release fear and your vibration will be much higher.  Then and only then can you begin manifesting and living your best life.

Your homework to day is:

  1. Count your blessings
  2. Practice kindness and compassion
  3. Set goals
  4. Visualize, affirm & meditate or pray
  5. Let go of what you can’t control.  You can’t control what happens around you but you are in total control of what happens within you
  6. Forgive yourself and others
  7. Breathe
  8. Build your tribe

Everyone needs a tribe and your vibe will attract your tribe.  Don’t let life live you.  You live it!  You can change everything in just 7 days.