Connect & Manifest


More and more I’m finding that people are becoming more spiritual.  Not necessarily religious but spiritual. What I mean is we’re realizing that we have infinite power to manifest anything we want in our lives.  We simply become blocked and jaded by past experiences.  If we don’t figure out how to release past hurts and forgive, we block our spirit and souls from achieving what they were sent here to do.   Not only do we struggle then throughout life but we then have to repeat the lesson numerous times.  That’s like repeating your senior year over and over and never graduating. 

I have found that when I’m connected to source, with my spirit self and guides, I can achieve more and in less time.  Life simply flows.  I’m all about the flow.  Nothing needs to be so complicated and difficult.  

My best advice to you whether you’re religious or spiritual (doesn’t matter) is to connect with your essence.  We are all connected to the universe. We are all connected to each other.  In a way, we are source.  We were made in his/hers/its likeness.

How do you connect to your source energy or spirit or guides?

Here are a few ways that I connect, recharge and instantly manifest:

  1. Meditation!  Sometimes guided sometimes by just breathing.  Meditation does not have to be in a Buddhist temple although it can be if that’s your thing.  Prayer is also a form of connection and meditation.
  2. Practicing gratitude!  I always count my blessings.  If you think you don’t have any, turn on the news (actually don’t, it’s all bad crap you don’t need engraved in your subconscious mind). 
  3. Ask!  Ask for what you want.  There is always someone listening.  If you don’t ask for what you want, you’ll get the left overs. 
  4. Listen!  So many times we ask but we don’t listen.  Messages are always coming your way.  Or we do hear it and later dismiss it because you don’t trust your intuition.  We ALL have intuition.
  5. Trust in the Universe!  You may not always get what you want but if you trust, you just may get something even better.
  6. Love!  Love yourself and love others.  No judgement!  I know that one can at times be tough.  We may not always agree but it’s OK.  We are all on our mission.  Accept and keep shining your own light.  Let others be and let them shine their own light wherever needed.

It’s time to tune in and realize the power that lies within you and all of us. 

One other thing that can hold you back from connection to your highest self is being unhealthy.  My 7 day transformation program will get you where you want to be in mind, body and spirit.