No Cheating While On Vacation!


We are in the middle of a blistering summer.  You’ve probably been working hard on that beach body and getting ready for a much needed vacation.  If you’re like most people, vacation time means letting loose and enjoying every moment and morsel of food.

I have to caution you though to resist the urge to splurge.  You can certainly enjoy yourself but there’s no need to overdo it.  Not only will you feel tired and sluggish but you’ll also undo all that hard work.

Here are some of my tips for staying on track while on vacation:

  1. Drink lots of water.  I personally like to drink at least 16 ounces of water about 20-30 minutes before a meal.  You’ll stay hydrated and you won’t feel as hungry and as a result, won’t eat like a beast.
  2. Pack healthy snacks.  I pack berries and veggies.  They’re refreshing, healthy and have fiber.  You’ll stay regular and won’t look or feel bloated.
  3. Don’t forget your running shoes.  The truth is that most people cringe when they think of exercising while on vacation.  While you don’t have to hit the gym, you can always choose to go for a walk.  You’ll burn off extra calories, breathe some fresh air and feel better about the nachos and tequila shots.

If you really want to have a cheat meal, go ahead.  My suggestion is that you share with someone else or simply limit the portion.  You still get your craving satisfied and you’ll feel better about yourself.