Creating A Blissful Day


Are happy days a result of luck or can you plan for a happy and productive day?  The foundation of living happy, blissful days lies in setting an intention and being grateful for what you have.  This will bring you a sense of peace and balance.  You can begin this process by planning your day the night before.  Make a list of things that require your attention.  Do the stuff that you want to do the least, first.  

After the planning has been done for the following day, take a few minutes to recap the day you’ve just had and give thanks for all that was.  That day is over and  there’s no need to go back to the hiccups of the day.  Focus on the good.

If you truly want to run your day rather than having the day run you, the following six steps should be taken daily and preferably in the morning:

  1. Join the 5 am club.  Most successful people get more done in the first couple of hours of the day than most people do in a week.   Getting up early allow for less distractions since you’re most likely not going to be getting text messages at 5 am.  
  2. Don’t hit snooze.  In fact, set your alarm clock far away from your bed so you’re not tempted to hit snooze.  Who invented snooze buttons anyway?  
  3. Meditate.  Meditation and prayer are very powerful.  Clear your mind and connect with source or your divine guiding spirit.  I’m not here to teach philosophy or theology.  Just connect whichever way works best for you.
  4. Read.  This is brain food.  Just 20 minutes per day can really have a significant impact on your life. As Seth Godin says, “It’s not an accident that successful people read more books”.  If you have a long commute, get audible.  Instead of listening to radio ads, nourish your mind.
  5. Exercise.  It’s not only good for the body, it’s phenomenal for the mind and soul.  Exercise can improve your memory, concentration and mental focus/sharpness.  Richard Branson has stated that this is his #1 productivity hack.  Whether you run, bike, swim, walk, lift weight or do yoga, just do it and do it in the morning.
  6. Nourish and hydrate your body.  Your body is your temple.  Feed it good stuff.  I recommend that you meal plan for the week to avoid falling off track.  If you’re not sure what to eat, download a sample meal plan from my website

I highly recommend you do these 6 steps prior to looking at your phone or opening up your computer.  Otherwise you run the risk of getting distracted and not getting your stuff done.

Creating a blissful day, week, month, year and life is easier than you think.